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Motivation – tips for success

Do you need motivation to get something done, loose weight or get a new job? Why is it that some people just get on with it and others can’t get out of their own way? Well the people who get things done are using a combination of strategies which makes it easier for them to achieve their goals.

I would like to share a number of techniques which may help you as much as they help me and my clients get moving. So here are my top tips.

1. Time travel

So when you think of an odious task what happens? Just pause for a minute and think about something you need to do but have been putting off. What’s happening for you as you think about it now. You probably make pictures in your head which are those associated with the unpleasant parts of the job. You may have some sounds associated with it perhaps along the lines of ‘Oh no, I hate doing this job’ or ‘ what’s the point in starting that you know it won’t be very good’ or ‘you didn’t manage to do it the last time so what makes you think you can do it this time’ ( whoever is saying these things, I’m never going to employ them as a coach that’s darn tooting!).

Then you probably have a sinking feeling somewhere in your body or a black cloud descends or perhaps it’s a lead weight feeling. After all this, not surprisingly, you decide to go to the pub instead.

Now try this. Go forward in time to a point when you have successfully completed the task. See what you would see, hear what you would hear and feel how great it feels to have done the job Really take the time to enjoy how great it feels to have done it. Notice how much more energy you have right now.

This technique really appeals to your unconscious mind in that it focuses on all the reasons for doing the job as opposed to all the reasons not to. And think about it, if you were encouraging a child to do something which you knew was good for them but which they didn’t necessarily want to do, what language would you use? You certainly wouldn’t dwell on all the reasons not to do it. Rather you would concentrate, hard, on all the really good things about it. Parents learn, usually the hard way, how to take their children along their timeline to a point when they have successfully completed whatever it is and are enjoying the ‘treat’ at the end of the process.

So try treating your unconscious mind like a seven year old and see how well it works for you!

More top tips coming soon.

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Interview and Presentation Nerves

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Helping clients with interview nerves is one of the areas that I am particularly interested and specialise in. There is so much that can be done with nlp to help people feel  much better about the upcoming interview or presentation.

We get into such a state. How does that happen?  And why does it feel like a life or death situation?


Robert Dilts calls it a ‘thought virus’. I like to call it fantasising! What do we do – we think about the interview and we run a movie of the worst case scenario in our heads. That tends to be the experience of most people I see. Now the unconscious mind, which is the most of our mind, doesn’t know the difference between a real or vividly imagined event. If you shut your eyes and imagine eating a lemon, then you will probably start salivating. That is a physiological response to something made up in your head. And that’s true for everything else you make up.

So imagine, every time you think about that terrible ‘gone wrong’ interview you produce adrenalin appropriate for a terrible interview. Now it’s fine to think through all the possible questions you could be asked and think how best to answer  but to construct a really bad scenario is counter productive to your needs right now.

And here’s why. Each time you do it, your unconscious mind on some level thinks it’s actually happened. So by the time you have mentally rehearsed a bad interview several times, you will have had several bad interviews from your unconscious minds’ perspective. So, no wonder it’s terrified of going for another one!

If you do not know exactly how an interview or presentation is going to play out because you don’t have a time machine, then you are fantasising! So what I suggest you do is have a fantasy about how great the interview is going to be. Now that is going to leave you in a much more resourceful state. Your mind will think that it’s great at interviews and another one, i.e. the real one will also be a success like all the other ones were.

Add to this the fact that we create conditioned responses like Pavlov’s dogs, then when you go to the interview you will have a physiologically conditioned response on the day which you have been carefully been creating during the days and weeks before.

So which response are you going to condition for yourself?

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Confidence and Self Esteem Workshop Feedback

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Well when you ask for feedback you can never be sure what you are going to get! I’m pleased to say it was all good. Whew. So here are some of the lovely things you said –

 ‘What a great way to spend an afternoon! A life changing experience in 3 hours. You will walk away knowing you have the ability to change you’. LH

‘Very well explained, great audience participation. I felt very relaxed on arrival. The presentation helped put a lot of missing pieces to the jigsaw. Very enjoyable from start to finish’. Liz G

‘It was fun and I understood what was being said’. Sara H

‘The workshop is a great way to boost your inner self. It’s great fun and a great way to boost your inner self’. Allison B

‘It encourages you to leave the past and become motivated for the future’. Sharyn G

 ‘Dorothy’s workshop was fantastic! Very informative. I left feeling motivated, focused, and believing that I could achieve anything. Most recommended. Thank you’. Clare A

So thanks again to all for making it a wonderful day.

Dorothy C. Le Grove

Confidence and Self Esteem Workshop

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I would like to say a big thank you to all who attended last weeks workshop at Gather in Glasgow. It was a really fantastic afternoon with a great bunch of people.

Thanks also for all the great questions you threw at me – keeps me on my toes!

I am waiting for the last of the feedback forms and will publish a couple of them soon.

 I look forward to seeing you again at future events.


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Interview Nerves

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   Interview Nerves How many people go into interviews absolutely churned up with nerves? Do you know, it doesn’t need to be the case. Rather than having that fight or flight misery how about feeling that the interview was a challenge, exciting, a bit of a roller coaster ride and no ones going to die! All the clients who have come to see me have all gone on to get the job and had a much better interview that they could have imagined. Here’s what some of them  have to say …   

 In one short session Dorothy and NLP changed me from being terrified of job interviews to positively enjoying them as an opportunity to sell myself and my skills. Because of my particular circumstances I have to perform at interview on a relatively regular basis and I genuinely believe that I would not be where I am now if it had not been for Dorothy’s intervention. A year ago I was absolutely hating my job and feeling that my career future was pretty bleak. Since then I have performed strongly at interviews on many occasions and managed to secure three fantastic job opportunities which have reconfirmed my love of my job and put a spring back in my step. I can not even imagine how I felt before… Now, whenever I need to be confident and upbeat I have a set of tools I can call on which work instantly, easily and reliably – both within a work context and across the rest of my life. And it’s all thanks to Dorothy!  D S

 Can I just say that you and NLP changed my life! You definitely taught me how to think about things in a different way and to let a lot of things go that had been holding me back – so hooray for you and NLP. Since NLP session life has changed for the better.  – L.V. 

 “I have had a fear of interviews for years and in fact most of my working life.  I recently went for a job and would have pulled out of the interview had I not been put in touch with Dorothy via a colleague.  I found only a couple of short NLP sessions immensely helpful in focusing positively and with confidence on what I had to do and  I am happy to say I got the job!  I intend to continue finding out more about NLP and how it can help me have a less stressful work/life balance”.  Dot you have found your vocation!  Thank you! D.H  

So wherever you are, think seriously about seeing an NLP practitioner if interview nerves are a problem for you. You’ll have a much more positive and enjoyable experience as a result and it may mean the difference between getting the job and not.  For more information about NLP see

NLP Training

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Minds Change is an NLP Training company based in Glasgow, Scotland.  We offer NLP workshops and Executive Coaching. Below is one of many modules we offer which you may consider essential for your company’s progress. The aim of this particular training workshop is to  

·        develop excellence in communication across the organisation. 

·         understand your clients or colleagues’ mental strategies, personal beliefs and motivations. 

·        Develop the skills of mentoring through effective communication   


Language Patterns:   During the training workshop discover how to use language patterns to communicate consciously and unconsciously with yourself and others.  

Ever heard people say things like ‘ oh she doesn’t like me’ or ‘they never listen to me’ ‘ or ‘ my boss/husband/ wife doesn’t know how much I suffer’ or ‘that’s expensive’ (speak to sales!) 

These are examples of distortions, generalisations and deletions which people use in their language every day. In the workplace or in our personal lives these phrases can be really unhelpful and don’t give us the information we need.  So when we are in a good state of rapport with someone we can learn to spot these patterns  gently challenge them with a series of well placed questions.  

These questions help  to really get below the ‘surface structure’ of what someone is saying and find out what’s really going on for them.  

In the area of sales or business negotiations, when you are handling objections  at the surface structure another one will inevitably pop up. However if you use these ‘Meta Model’ questions you can move to the deep structure to find out what the real objection is. This gives you much more information and a much better chance of resolving it. 

 For further information call 00 44 7815 75 11 58 or visit the Minds Change website 

NLP Answers

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Having Looked through this blog you may find that you have some questions that you would like answered. How can NLP help you in your daily life? Well it doesn’t need to be the big things, NLP is great for the little things. Actually, particularly the little things because its these everyday patterns of behaviour that have been there for years and which go un-noticed that can cause the most trouble.

 So go for it! Hit me with anything. I look forward to your posts.

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