THE BEST WAY TO GET FIT – A Scientific Approach

October 25, 2010 § Leave a comment

For many decades, scientists have been conducting research into fitness and how best to achieve it. Largely, the findings make their way to peer reviewed journals and not as far as the general public other than in dribs and drabs. What’s interesting is that scientists have actually broadly reached a consensus. This article looks at the do’s and don’ts of fitness and busts a few myths along the way.
One of the first studies of fitness was published in 1953. They looked at bus conductors and bus drivers. The results published in the Lancet (vol 265, p1053) showed that the conductors suffered half as many heart attacks as drivers. The link between the sedentary life of the drivers vs the constant climbing of stairs and health was made.
These days, the advice is 150 minutes of moderate exercise a week. Studies suggest that only one third of adults achieve this. This, in spite of fitness and exercise being implicated in the prevention of strokes, cancer, diabetes, liver and kidney disease, osteoporosis, brain disease, dementia and depression.
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