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Motivation – tips for success

Do you need motivation to get something done, loose weight or get a new job? Why is it that some people just get on with it and others can’t get out of their own way? Well the people who get things done are using a combination of strategies which makes it easier for them to achieve their goals.

I would like to share a number of techniques which may help you as much as they help me and my clients get moving. So here are my top tips.

1. Time travel

So when you think of an odious task what happens? Just pause for a minute and think about something you need to do but have been putting off. What’s happening for you as you think about it now. You probably make pictures in your head which are those associated with the unpleasant parts of the job. You may have some sounds associated with it perhaps along the lines of ‘Oh no, I hate doing this job’ or ‘ what’s the point in starting that you know it won’t be very good’ or ‘you didn’t manage to do it the last time so what makes you think you can do it this time’ ( whoever is saying these things, I’m never going to employ them as a coach that’s darn tooting!).

Then you probably have a sinking feeling somewhere in your body or a black cloud descends or perhaps it’s a lead weight feeling. After all this, not surprisingly, you decide to go to the pub instead.

Now try this. Go forward in time to a point when you have successfully completed the task. See what you would see, hear what you would hear and feel how great it feels to have done the job Really take the time to enjoy how great it feels to have done it. Notice how much more energy you have right now.

This technique really appeals to your unconscious mind in that it focuses on all the reasons for doing the job as opposed to all the reasons not to. And think about it, if you were encouraging a child to do something which you knew was good for them but which they didn’t necessarily want to do, what language would you use? You certainly wouldn’t dwell on all the reasons not to do it. Rather you would concentrate, hard, on all the really good things about it. Parents learn, usually the hard way, how to take their children along their timeline to a point when they have successfully completed whatever it is and are enjoying the ‘treat’ at the end of the process.

So try treating your unconscious mind like a seven year old and see how well it works for you!

More top tips coming soon.

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