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September 26, 2007 § Leave a comment

Minds Change is an NLP Training company based in Glasgow, Scotland.  We offer NLP workshops and Executive Coaching. Below is one of many modules we offer which you may consider essential for your company’s progress. The aim of this particular training workshop is to  

·        develop excellence in communication across the organisation. 

·         understand your clients or colleagues’ mental strategies, personal beliefs and motivations. 

·        Develop the skills of mentoring through effective communication   


Language Patterns:   During the training workshop discover how to use language patterns to communicate consciously and unconsciously with yourself and others.  

Ever heard people say things like ‘ oh she doesn’t like me’ or ‘they never listen to me’ ‘ or ‘ my boss/husband/ wife doesn’t know how much I suffer’ or ‘that’s expensive’ (speak to sales!) 

These are examples of distortions, generalisations and deletions which people use in their language every day. In the workplace or in our personal lives these phrases can be really unhelpful and don’t give us the information we need.  So when we are in a good state of rapport with someone we can learn to spot these patterns  gently challenge them with a series of well placed questions.  

These questions help  to really get below the ‘surface structure’ of what someone is saying and find out what’s really going on for them.  

In the area of sales or business negotiations, when you are handling objections  at the surface structure another one will inevitably pop up. However if you use these ‘Meta Model’ questions you can move to the deep structure to find out what the real objection is. This gives you much more information and a much better chance of resolving it. 

 For further information call 00 44 7815 75 11 58 or visit the Minds Change website 


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